Since its founding in 1997, we have been committed to high quality CD and DVD total solution provider in Taiwan. DVD technology is moving at repid pace. This new generation of optical discs offers the greatest storage.

We have a full service multimedia development department ready to create, integrate custom contents to meet your need.

Many years of experience has made it quite resourceful. We offer the most competitive price on CD and DVD replication services.

Our Services

Manufacturing Process
  Pre-mastering Replication Label Printing
  Glass Mastering Bonding(DVD) Packaging

Laser Beam
Recording process
Stamper Galvanic Process Disc Injecting Process Disc Printing Process

We even offer fulfillment services to help get the products to your customer

Format & Sizes
CD Format : CD-Audio / Data CD / Video CD
CD Sizes :
  • Standard 12CM compact discs
• Business card oval shape compact discs
• Mini 8CM compact discs

DVD Format :
  • DVD-5, one side, with single layer of 4.7 GB (graphics) capacity.
• DVD-9, one side, with dual layers of 8.5 GB (graphics) capacity.
• DVD-10, both sides, with one single layer of 9.4 GB (graphics) capacity.
DVD Sizes : Standard 12CM digital versatile discs